Evidence Informed: The Issue

Evidence includes the best available research and evaluation information available based on a systematic analysis of the effectiveness of an intervention, strategy or service and its use, in order to produce the best outcome, result or effect. Evidence may be generated from a range of rigorously implemented and appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative research and evaluation methodologies.



Best Practices in Continuing Care

Accountability and Performance Measures for Mental Health Services and Support

Best Practices in Continuing Care – The Innovations in best-practice models of
continuing care for seniors
is a report prepared on behalf of the
Federal/Provincial/Territorial Committee (Seniors) for the Ministers
Responsible for Seniors, March 1999.

Canadian Best Practices Portal -
The purpose of the Portal is to improve policy and program decision-making by enabling access to the best available evidence on chronic disease prevention and health promotion.

Canadian Coalition on Seniors Mental Health
Interdisciplinary national guidelines on the prevention, assessment, treatment and management of the major mental health issues facing older Canadians existed, the CCSMH National Guideline Project was created in 2005 (with support from Public Health Agency of Canada, Population Health Fund) to develop evidence-based recommendations in the four key areas of senior’ mental health: