About Other Policy Lens

There are a number of other Policy Lens (PL) with varying relevance to seniors or to their mental health and emotional well being. It is the intent of most of these PLs to guide policy analysis from their particular perspective, and they generally target all levels of government, non-government organizations and in some instances, health care services and health professionals and under-graduates in the human service professions.

The PLs listed here are provided so that you can deepen or broaden program/policy analysis depending on the seniors’ population affected or the issue of concern. For example, after applying the Seniors’ Mental Health Policy Lens you might then apply the Dementia Policy Lens if the population of most concern is those with dementia, or the Social Integration Lens if social isolation is a major area of concern. If the population is a cultural or linguistic minority you might find the Cultural and Linguistic Competency Lens useful even though it is not senior specific