SMHPL Tools and Resources

Tools to Support Implementation of the SMHPL

The SMHPL Toolkit: English

Power Point Examples of Using SMHPL

SMHPL Facilitator’s Guide

SMHPL Plain Lanugage


Other Resources

The SMHPL Toolkit: English

The SMHPL Toolkit: French

Accountability and Performance

Age Friendly Rural


Aging Well in Rural Places Literature Synthesis

Aging Well in Rural Places

Aging with a Developmental Disibility – Canada

Aging with a Developmental Disability Transition Guide

Assessing Evidence on Mental Health Promotion and Prevention

Best Practices in Community Education in Mental Health and Addiction

Canadian Policies Related to Seniors

Cultural Competence Guide for Primary Health Care Professionals

Best Practices in Continuing Care

Best Practices in Elderly Mental Health Care Planning

Best Practices in Mental Health Promotion for Culturally Diverse Seniors

Best Practices – Treatment and Rehabilitation for Seniors with Substance Abuse Problems

Canadian Best Practices Initiative Methodology Background Paper

CCSMH: Guidelines for Mental Health in LTC

Canadian Seniors and Health Determinants

Cancer Care: A Guide for Front-line Care Providers

Cultural Competence Policy Assessment Tool

Cultural Competence Guide

Culture Counts: A Guide 

Delirium Guidelines

Dementia Policy Lens Toolkit

Dementia Service Framework

Developmental Disability

Disability Lens Checklist

Elder Friendly Hospital Guide

Evidence-Based Mental Health Promotion Resource

Evidence: Health Promotion and Prevention Interventions

First Nations Seniors

Gender-Based Analysis Policy

Guidelines for Elderly Mental Health Care Planning

Global Age-Friendly Cities

Guide for Healthy Aging for Seniors and Caregivers

Guidelines for Depression

Healthy Aging Public Policy

Hearing Loss Info-Sheet


Mental Health Commission of Canada Seniors Guidelines

Meeting Seniors’
Mental Health Care Needs in British Columbia

Mental Well Being and Recovery – MHCC

National Guidelines for a Comprehensive Service System to Support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Illnesses

Needs of Gay and Lesbian Seniors

National Framework on Aging

Physical Design Dimensions of an Elder-Friendly Hospital

Population Health Template

Portrait of Seniors in Canada 2006

Positive Mental Health

Promoting Mental Health Emerging Evidence

Reaching Out – A Guide to Communicating with Aboriginal Seniors

Report of National Seniors Council on Low Income Among Seniors

Respite Policy Lens/Framework

Rural Seniors’ Dialogue

Seniors as Victims of Crime

Seniors From Ethnocultural Minorities

Seniors in Canada 2006 Report Card

Seniors’ Guide to Safety and Security

Seniors Inclusion Lens

Senior Men

Seniors Mental Health/Addicitions

Seniors Mental Health, Disabilities and Employment

Seniors to Seniors Cancer Booklet

Seniors to Seniors Talking About Cancer

Social and Economic Inclusion Lens

Suicide Prevention and Seniors

Towards Age Friendly Primary Care

Vision Care Info-Sheet for Seniors